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SUN : -being ruled by the sun sign Leo, sun determines one's physical appearance, dignity and status in society, achievements, power and courage. It also relates to the head, heart, blood circulation and right eye of a person.


MOON: - ruled by the sun sign cancer, moon determines ones relationship with mother and other women, growth, emotions, perceptual mind, family and public relations. It relates the lungs, breast, womb, stomach and left eye.


MERCURY:- Ruled by the sun signs Gemini and Virgo, it determines the abilities related to intellect, education, communication skills, speech, logical reasons, writing, creativity, singing and harmony. It relates the mouth, arms, skin, hands and nervous system of a person.


MARS: - Ruled by the sun signs Aries and Scorpio, it determines the conflicts, sexuality, accidents, brothers, surgeries, medication, bravery and devotion towards god. It relates the blood, strength and stamina of a person.


VENUS: - Ruled by the sun signs Taurus and Libra, Venus determines the attributes like love, marriage, wife, women, pleasure, singing and creativity. It relates the face, kidneys and reproductive system.


JUPITER: - ruled by Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter determines the attributes like teacher, husband, children, spirituality, faith, wealth, positive thinking, flying abroad and prosperity. It relates the liver, fat and spleen.


SATURN:- Ruled by Aquarius and Capricorn, Saturn determines the attributes like authority, power, structure, death, loss, stability, separations, accidents, losses etc., it relates the bones, teeth, nerves and cavities.


RAHU: - being the north node of moon, determines the attributes like materialistic desires, properties, fear, crime, psychology, separations, loss,no fear towards god and rudeness. It relates the physical and mental ailments.


KETU: - being the south node of moon, it determines the attributes like spirituality, motivation, perceptual power, occult studies, confusions, loss, sleep and dreams. It relates the mental confusion and impurity.

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