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Symbol: Ram


Ruler: Mars


A moving fire sign characterizes adventurous spirit, innovative tendency, travel desires, need for exercise and movement, proud, heroic, short temper, leadership abilities, marriage issues, and challenges with mother, physical scars, accidents, injuries, impatience. Sun is exalted and Saturn is debilitated.




Symbol: Bull


Ruler Venus


A fixed earth sign characterizes creativity, intelligence, speech, writing skills, pleasing nature, good career, good work, love for pleasures and arts, demand for good food, problems with earl marriage, stubborn, undisciplined diet, arrogance, pride and easily seduced. Moon is exalted in Taurus.




Symbol: TwinsRuler:


Ruler Mercury


A dual air sign characterizes the intellect, mental orientation, changing nature, observing things from various angles. The people of this sign are good writers, scientists, free spirits, comedians, counsellors. They have a weak nervous system and are spend thrifts.




Symbol: Crab


Ruler Moon


A movable water sign characterizes emotional nature, care for other, mental attachments, work at home, too many friends, introverted, good imagination power, difficult married life, confusion, stressed, aggressive, jealous of others. Jupiter is exalted and Mars is debilitated in cancer.




Symbol: Lion


Ruler: Sun


A fixed fire sign characterizes the fame, power, wealth, success, leadership qualities, creativity, employment, management abilities, trust, faith, love for sports and entertainment, interest in drama, music, dance, and problems in early married life, aggressiveness, and impatient, sexual desires.




Symbol: Virgin


Ruler: Mercury


A dual earth sign characterizes intelligence, decision power, expertise in mathematics and computers, changes in work, intuition, love for nature, good judge, sensitive nervous system, difficulties in married life, spiritually oriented. Mercury is exalted and Venus is debilitated in Virgo.




Symbol: Scales


Ruler: Venus


Characterizes strongest ascendant, political power, leadership qualities, love of social functions, groups, many friends, interest in meditation, sensual nature, search for truth, beauty, adventure, travel, government jobs, interest in law, zeal in work and achieving goals. Saturn is exalted and Sun is debilitated in Libra.




Symbol: Scorpion


Ruler: Mars


A fixed water sign characterizes strength, courage, intensity, stubbornness, excitement, self dependence, competitive attitude, secretive nature, love of occult and hidden things, work in medical field, researching attitude, detective and police work, strong sensual nature, passionate, difficulties in marriage, aggressive, loss of father, trouble with teachers and gurus, questions authority figures. In Scorpio, the Moon is debilitated.




Symbol: The archer


Ruler: Jupiter


A dual fire sign characterizes nobility, activeness, interest in travelling, adventurous, optimistic, cheerful, leadership qualities, good communication skills, humanitarian, good parenting skills, nice gains from property, open hearted, fair, spiritually inclined, arrogant, financial fear, troubles by siblings and promising attitude.




Symbol: Sea Goat


Ruler: Saturn


An active earth sign that characterizes career orientedness, success in business, high ambition, patience, strong determination, perseverance, prosperity, hard working nature, good organizational capability, interests in travel and adventure, conservative nature, low sense of humour, inferiority complex, cold hearted, calculative mind and difficulties in first half of the life. Mars is exalted and Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn.




Symbol: Water Bearer


Ruler: Saturn A fixed air sign which characterize scientific and philosophical nature, good intelligence, good teaching and writing skills, service oriented, humanitarian concerns, good communication abilities, humble, do not get noticed for the work done, early marriage troubles, and shyness and prestige issues.




Symbol: Fish


Ruler: Jupiter


A dual water sign that characterizes spiritual and psychic nature, sensitive, emotional, romantic, interests in travel, life near water, good imagination power, good hypnotizer, dual marriage possibilities, charitable mind, generous, good priests and counselors, abuse of drugs, low level of confidence, contradictory aims and jealousy related issues. In Pisces, Venus is exalted and Mercury is debilitated.

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