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The HousesAccording to the Vedic astrology, the horoscope of a person is divided into 12 houses. Each house represents characteristics of a person.


House 1: It determines the physical appearance, character, early childhood, health, fame, life goal, life span, career, the head and vitality.


House 2:It determines the prosperity, happiness in family, food, speech, diet, mouth and face.


House 3:It determines the quality of the siblings, fine arts, courage, hands, arms, hobbies, salesmanship and writing skills.


House 4:It determines the happiness and health of mother, assets, education, wealth, heart, father’s lifespan, leisure time and vehicles.


House 5:It determines the children, love affairs, inclination towards spirituality, past life sins and good deeds, intelligence, sports and stomach.


House 6:It determines one’s services, efforts, hard work, health, pets, enemies, obstacles, litigations and intestines.


House7:It determines the life partner, quality of married life, love, passion, social behaviour, business, foreign residence, lower back and kidneys.


House 8:It determines the lifespan, death, intuition, psychology, interest in sex, reproduction, chronic illness and lotteries.


House 9:It determines the nature and impact of father, wisdom, teacher, religion, philosophy, good luck, bosses on one’s life. It also determines the structure and nature of hip and thigh.


House 10:It determines the goal of life, career, status, power, name and fame, good deeds, knees and interest in clothes.


House 11:It determines friends, profits, incomes, siblings, sisters, hopes, desires, dreams, ankles and calves.


House 12:It determines the enlightenment, worldly and sexual pleasures, expenditures, losses, charity, separations, hospital expenditures, spiritual travel and feet.

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