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I intend to do Astro Counseling based on my knowledge of Vedic Astrology. Astrology throws a light on various aspects of life such as Finances, Relationships, Profession and Luck. 


I feel that this will help a lot of people to navigate around difficult issues of life. Astrology gives you the tools to deal with whatever situation you find yourself in life. 


Astrology is not a substitute for psychotherapy but I think that it will look at an issue from a greater depth than contemporary psychology and hence can give you a solution for a difficult issue. 

Example 1:


If someone is going through a relationship issue Astrology can tell when the situation will improve and it becomes manageable so that people not have to resort to extreme steps and wait it out. When you know when it is going to subside you will get the strength to wait it out. At least in half of the cases that is what people need, they need the ability to let bad phase pass by and Astrology can pinpoint when the energies are going to change. 

Example 2: 

If someone is launching a new business and let us say he or she has a great business idea, well funded and have a solid plan. Now if I look at his chart and find negative influences then it makes a lot of sense to wait it out and then launch the business when the winds start blowing in the right direction. I will not say they will not succeed without astrology but they have to hundred times more effort and diligence to make the thing work without underlying luck factor working for them. And if the business fail the psychological impact will be so great that they will be dissuaded from trying that for a long time. Timing is very important in life. 

Example 3:

Let us say your son or daughter is not doing well in school or they might be acting out. You will be more understanding and compassionate towards them if you know the underlying energies they are dealing with. Acting with more understanding will save a lot of heartache and pain in family relationships. 


So reach out to me at  to schedule an appointment. I am generally free during evenings and weekends for consultation. I work in IT industry but have a passion for astrology. Below is my LinkedIn Profile



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