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Relationships and Astrology

Nowadays one can see the strained relationships everywhere. Relationships can be much better even if people has a rudimentary knowledge of astrology. For example a major antar dasha lasts for two to three years and if that belongs to a planet with a difficult placement in your chart then defnitely one goes through tough time. If one is aware of that then there is a better understanding of the other person and the relationship may survive. You see a lot of marriages can be saved with this kind of awareness.

Or let us say a parent is worried that the kid is not doing well at school or is moody or depressed. This quite often happens when one is going through Ketu dasha or antardasha. Nothing is wrong with the kid....he will be ok once the Venus dasha that follows Ketu sets in. Parents who are aware of this naturally will be more patient with thier children thus have a better relationship. People who are not aware of this are like those driving a car without headlights on...and being rational all the time , demanding the same from others without taking into consideration all these influences on the human life. You save a lot of pain for yourself and your loved ones by just having a basic knowledge of astrology.

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