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Astrology and free will

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Life is always a combition of free will and fate. Human effort is paramount and plays a major role but one is also influenced by our past or planetary forces. If these forces are favorable it is like swimming with the stream and if they are not it is like swimming against the stream. No matter how much effort we put life does not seem to go anywhere sometimes.

I read a beautiful analogy on this somewhere online. It is the rider and his horse. The rider is the free will and his horse is his past or destiny. Both the rider and the horse should work in unison to reach the destination. If the horse is not ok or if it is weak no matter how much the rider puts the effort he cannot reach the destination. Sometimes if the horse is weak it can even die so inspite of great effort there will be no results. But this effort and good actions will not go waste and this will come back to you in the form of a good horse in a subsequent life. Nothing goes waste in nature. It has a perfect checks and balances system. We sow what we reap and that is the foundation of karma theory and all astrology is based on that.

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