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Why we need astrology

This my first post on my astrology website. Many people ask this question how do you explain that astrology works , how does stars and planet impact human life. I think it is not an important question because we dont know exactly how gravitation works sun pulls the earth etc but still these forces exist and influence planetary motion. You dont have to understand how it works...but if it works then we should take advantage of it.

Vedic astrology and the dasha system based on star system is a leap of human intuition and supernatural wisdom. I have seen that it works in my life and so beleive it should work for other humans also. When the dasha changes so does our life. We quite often dont notice if changes are for good because it is human nature to take good things for granted. But when a dasha of a planet with a difficult placement commences then one can feel the bite. People search inwards and seek solutions when there are difficult issues.

The biggest advantage of astrology is that it gives hope. A lot of people give up chasing their dreams or riding the problems when the dasha is about to change because unless they know astrology they dont know about the changes that may come in thier life. Vedic astrology has a capability to predict the commencement of good thus giving hope for people and gives them strength to ride the bad times. And this I think is the biggest advantage of astrology.


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